Asset Strategy

  1. Do you have a personal 360 asset roadmap to help you create, grow and protect your future wealth?
  2. Is your business and other assets are structured in the best possible way to protect you
    and minimise tax? What extent are you certain this has been done in the most beneficial manner?
  3. What are the 3 or 5 benefits you gain from your Accountant and other professional Advisers - relative
    to the growth and success of your business?
  4. Paying the correct levels of tax is no doubt appropriate however are you paying too much? How would
    you describe the current strategies to minimise tax, and maximise your own benefits?
  5. Business invariably is about gross turnover, expenses, owner salaries, and making a profit; how do you
    feel about your business profits?
  6. How do you feel about the status of your cash flow from your business and other assets?
  7. How do you calculate the value of your business?
  8. What is your clearly defined business exit strategy - both voluntary exit and involuntary exit? How
    would you describe the business succession plan?
  9. To what degree are you building a saleable business?

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